Glow-in-the-Dark Otherland Hag Stone

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Legend has it that Hag Stones are magical protection amulets that ward off the spells of the Dark Witch of Otherland. Close one eye, peer through the center with the other and you may discover more of what Otherland is hiding in plain sight...


Designed and hand sculpted by Hailey, this Otherland Hag Stone is casted in solid resin with glow powder added. Each Otherland Hag Stone includes an adjustable waxed cotton cord and will glow brightest after being exposed to direct sunlight or UV blacklight.

• The Otherland Hag Stone measures approximately 2.25" wide is presented in a custom Creations by Hailey box. 

• Waxed cotton cord measures 32"

PLEASE NOTE: Each Hag Stone will have completely unique marking patterns. No two Hag Stones will look the same.